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We recommend all users should update to Bartender 3 for FREE, if you have a Bartender 2 license. Download Bartender 3 · Check For Updates if on macOS High. Bartender Mac For Crack lets you organize your menu bar apps by hiding them, rearranging them, or moving them to Bartender’s Bar.

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Fix for apps moving position Some apps would change position in the menu bar dropbox was one example , this should be fixed. Typo fix There was a typo in the previous version, this is fixed.

Known Issues Some elements in dark mode not showing correctly on feedback form We are aware of this, and currently it appears to be a macOS Mojave Beta issue, we will monitor this and fix when appropriate. Bug Fixes Ask for Accessibility Authorization Bartender 3 will now ask for Accessibility Authorization and will not crash when it does not have authorization.

Known Issues Some elements in dark mode not showing correctly We are aware of this, and currently it appears to me a macOS Mojave Beta issue, we will monitor this and fix when appropriate. Crash reporter showing Bartender will show the crash reporter if the previous version crashed before launching this version, this is not the current version crashing, just reporting the previous crash. Bug Fixes Better compatibility with some app setups Adding in compatibility for more unusual app setups.

UI Fixes and improvements Small things, such as typo fixes and better explanations. Fix for Airplay Display still moving Airplay Display could still change position if set to “Always show in menu bar” this has been fixed. Fix for individual item control of Setapp version of iStat Menus The Setapp version of iStat menus could not be individually controlled, this has been fixed. Fix for crash in previous test build Version 3. Google Backup and Sync and other apps without a name in localised languages Apps that do not have a process name in a localisation would not be controlled by Bartender, this has been fixed.

Bartender deactivating Screen Saver It was possible for Bartender to deactivate the screen saver if manually activated. Show for updates activating on screen change It was possible for Bartender to show show for update items when activating another screen, this has been improved, but is still possible in some specific situations, this will be fixed in a coming update.

Better Amphetamine compatibility It was possible for Bartender to not be able to control Amphetamine in some setups, we have worked around this.

Search menu hotkey bug If you pressed the search hotkey more than once the menu would reappear for each extra hotkey press. Notification Center Activating For a few users, Notification Center could sometimes activate by mistake, this should now be fixed.

Bartender 3 Test Build 3. Bug Fixes Better compatibility with some app setups Some apps have old preferences remaining from previous versions etc, Bartender now better detects this correctly.

Crash fix We have had reports of a crash, we believe we have fixed this. Multiscreen setups Bartender now works more reliably on setups with multiple screens. Autohide on App Switching Autohide would only trigger on mouse events, we now also autohide when a new app becomes active say via keyboard app switching.

Better checking for removed items Bartender checks for items removed by menu bar apps, but was producing some false positives in some situations, causing items to not be shown, we have improved on this. Esc and Enter Keys while searching Pressing esc while searching will now exit search and reset the menu bar, pressing enter will start keyboard navigation.

Expanded menu bar not always showing For some users Bartender would not always expand the menu bar when needed remove the left menu so all items could be seen this is now fixed. Items messed up in menu bar, not aligned to each other correctly. Bartender transition speed Bartender should be slightly faster at switching states for some users. Airport Displays Position changing We have added in more fixes to try and get Airport Displays to not jump position. Licenses with white space not accepted Bartender 3 license checking is a bit more stringent than Bartender 2, if a user had trailing white space in there license name from Bartender 2 it would fail to verify in Bartender 3.

Private Internet Access compatibility message Version 72 of PIA is compatible with Bartender 3, we have updated the message shown for older versions of PIA, letting them know if they update it will work. Bartender already running check Bartender was not checking to see if another version of Bartender may be running, this has been fixed.

Bartender transition speed Bartender should be slightly faster at switching states. Fix for crash in Test Build 3. Bug Fixes Multiscreen issues With previous versions there was a bug that would effect setups with multiple screens items out of position, showing as not working, slow transitions , this should now be fixed.

AppleConnect menu item not controllable This now works. Menu item positioning Some users have been experiencing items not keeping their position especially AirPlay Display , this version should improve on this, if not totally fix it, we are still working on getting this spot on. Search not searching all items Search would only search items with settings, this has been fixed. Search not displaying correctly When Bartenders menu item was hidden the search menu would not display correctly, this has been fixed.

About window showing trial info after licensing The about window would show trial information after a license was applied. This is fixed. Show for updates issues A number of bugs when showing for updates have been fixed, this should be a lot better. Quit Button in Preferences Previously if you have the Bartender menu item hidden, you could not quit Bartender, we added in a Quit button to the About Preferences tab.

Items showing for updates on space change Items should no longer show for updates on a space change. AppleConnect menu item not controllable This should now be controllable. Menu item positioning Some users have been experiencing items not keeping there position especially Air Display , this version should improve on this, if not totally fix it, we are still working on getting this spot on. Bug Fixes Compatibility improvements Some apps could interpret Bartender control as a click, this has been improved.

Gap on second screen when Bartender item hidden This is fixed. Hide left application menu when needed This has been improved and should now reliably remove the left menu when needed to show all Bartender Bar items.

Bartender 3 Public Beta 3. Search window appearing in wrong place on multi screen setups This is fixed. Known bugs We have 2 known bugs that we needed more logging in to investigate, bartender not removing the left menu when needed to show all items , and apps not working with Bartender after a period of time on some systems, the extra logging is now in for these. Apple Keychain Previously we could not control the Apple Keychain item, this is now working.

Fix for wrong icon shown for Bartender menu item icon If you set your own image for the Bartender icon, then selected another item, it would still show your image as selected, this is now fixed. Apple Eject menu item This item was not controlled on macOS Sierra due to a naming change, this is fixed. Harvest App Compatibility Bartender would activate the Harvest popup, this is fixed. Items changing position If a menu items position had not been specifically set at any point, it could swap places with other menu items set to the same position, this has been fixed.

Fix for multiple show for update items showing It was possible that a copy of a menu item could remain visible when showing for updates, this should be fixed. Fix for crash reporting With version 3. Spelling Fixes Fixed Typos in a few places. Crash We had one new crash reported, this has been fixed we hope. Bug Fixes Licenses not being accepted There was a bug that licenses manually entered would not be accepted, this has been fixed. Sip app compatibility Bartender would activate the popup of this app, this has been fixed.

Bug Fixes Apps with a sandbox container but not sandboxed would not be controlled This could happen if an app went from being sandboxed in previous versions, to not sandboxed in new versions, we now detect this and work with apps like this correctly Removed menu items not detected If an app removed a menu item in a specific way, Bartender would not detect this and would even bring it back into the menu bar, this is fixed.

Search menu moving off screen If the search menu opened to the right of Bartenders menu item, it was possible for it to end up partially offscreen, this has been fixed. Apps not working with Bartender initially Its possible for some apps to not work with Bartender until they are restarted once, this is now indicated in preferences when this happens.

Show for updates not displaying for extended time when item changes again If an item changed again while showing for updates, the display time was not being extended, this has been fixed. Typo in Preferences “custome” instead of custom, thanks for reporting.

Hotkeys hard to set There was an issue with clearing hotkeys and setting them, this is now fixed. Using the latest technologies and best practices Bartender for mac is more reliable, capable and lays the foundation for future innovations. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Bartender 3. Bartender Mac Features: Bartender you can choose which apps stay in the menu bar, are displayed in the Bartender Bar or are hidden completely.