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Simply screw it on and you are ready to fish. Packs down extremely easily into a dedicated sleeve for improved transportation. The combo can then be put away wet into the supplied nylon sleeve. Wide mesh is ideal for use in both rivers and lakes.

Super-soft, yet extremely strong, fish-friendly mesh make this net suitable for big weights of carp as well as other fish. A combined unhooking mat, weigh sling and carry bag. Ideal for the mobile angler.

It packs away really neatly and clips shut to make life easy. A great alternative to many overly large unhooking mats. Closed cell foam for maximum fish care, a fish kneeling pad for extra comfort and Velcro straps to keep the mat rolled up. Features sides for added protection with dedicated leak off areas for excess water. Plenty of padding for your prize catch and rolls away perfectly to fit various Korum luggage items. The lightweight aluminium tube has a caribener clip to attach your scales quickly and easily.

The smooth fish-friendly, wipe clean lining does not remove protective slime, ensuring fish welfare. Ergonomically designed, soft touch case with backlit digital display. Stainless steel weigh hook and hanging bar. Designed to not only fit neatly in your hand but also in your tackle bag or seatbox. Still compatible with all ITM accessory boxes, rig boards and Xpert hooklink boxes, the new Maxi Rig Manager features a clever new lid you can use to store your rig tools, scissors and disgorgers.

No more rooting around for them in the grass — just click them in and out as you like. Comes complete with a range of floats, hooks to nylon and rubber float stops so you have lots of options for your float fishing. This plastic box will fit two rig boards or one maxi rig board included. Total protection for the most important item of your terminal tackle.

Fully adjustable to suit different length rigs. Complete with spare pegs for the unique peg track. A must have item. Pocket-sized to be used on its own, or as part of an ITM tackle box setup, it fits all your bits and pieces perfectly.

These Quick Change Lead Clips have been designed to make changing your hooklink a super-quick job, while still allowing you to keep the properties of a Lead Clip rig! Simply hook on your rig, close the locking collar and pull this into the Lead Clip body. Nothing could be simpler. Simple to use and totally reliable, they are perfect for stillwater and river styles of feeder and bomb fishing. Sizes standard and large. Quickly change your rigs by sliding the bead over the clip to secure it.

Purpose moulded to take our Dura-Clip for fast rig changes. Moulded to fit most in-line feeders with our special Bolt-Clip. The quick change clip means changing methods is done in seconds, whilst also providing a near friction free rig. The innovative angled buffer bead ensures the feeder or lead is away from the hooklength reducing any tangles. Supplied complete with high quality size 8 swivels, that fit perfectly into the bead and rig sleeves that complete the tangle free rig by providing a boom effect.

These ready-to-go rig kits have been designed to create the perfect Helicopter rig. These particular kits come complete with a snap link swivel, making it ideal for anglers using pellet wagglers and other floats.

The Korum Starlight Holder offers visual bite detection at night on your rod tip. It can be fitted to the majority of rod tips thanks to the specially designed inner sleeve, which gives versatility and added grip for a wider range of tip diameters.

Designed so the line is always protected when playing specimen fish. Can be adjusted on the main line easily. Top bead is semi-fixed for a safe semi-fixed setup. Fits all pellets from 4mm to 20mm. Stretchy and strong. Designed for use with drilled pellets. The flat moulded ends on the feet allow easy insertion into hair loops.

Also excellent for use with soft pellets and boilies. Just cut to length and insert into hair loop. Use with loop knots on rigs for maximum performance. Designed to extend the hook on hair rigs, so the rig turns more effectively inside the fishes mouth.

Available in two sizes and two colours. These 60cm lead-free leaders are strong, supple and provide excellent, fast sinking camouflage. Compatible with Xpert Speci Lead Clips.

These 60cm fused leaders are strong, supple and provide excellent, fast sinking camouflage. Compatible with Xpert Carp Lead Clips. Suitable for lots of fishing situations, including sensitive free-running rigs for use with leaders on Helicopter rigs.

Tapered to allow a slow release to go from fixed to running as the fish takes the bait. Two colours per pack. The ideal solution to making paste fishing easier. Tie to the end of a hair rig, then push and mould into your chosen paste.

Available in two sizes. Wide bore screw to suit softer meats. Perfect used with Korum Xpert Hair Rigs. Thin bore screw to suit harder boilie baits. The handle is comfortable in the hand, and is made from a distinguishable high-vis material so that it is easy to find, even in low light conditions. Designed for cutting braid and mono line cleanly.

They feature an easy grip soft touch handle and a serrated steel blade that slices through braid. Designed for soft baits like meat, corn, paste and pellets.

The ultra thin needle reduces bait damage and is perfect for using with Korum Bait Stops. Can be easily moved or removed for storage. Perfect for controller floats, bagging wagglers and floating method feeders. Quick and simple to use. There are four sizes in each pack to suit all hook sizes. Leaves a neat end on thicker mono without flattening. Reduce tangles allowing you to fish a Helicopter rig with or without a leader.

The construction means you always play the fish against the rubber components, not against your main line, for a safer rig. Perfect for anglers chasing big carp. The rigs come with an XL Quickstop, which is a built-in hair stop you push through your hookbait. The hooks and hooklinks are ultra-strong and reliable, designed to catch even the biggest of carp. Ideal for targeting monster tench, bream or carp!

Perfect for use on rivers due to their longer-than-average length, they will not let you down when attached to the fish of a lifetime. The result of extensive testing has resulted in a super strong, durable and beautifully invisible hooklink for big fish fishing. The two-tone construction breaks up the outline of the hooklink, making it harder for fish to see in clear water.

The combination of clear and dull brown offers fantastic camouflage, whilst the line itself provides simply stunning performance when it matters. The breaking strains are based on the achievable strength with a Blood Knot.

With a Grinner, Palomar or Figure of Eight loop knot you will get even more from this excellent supple reel line. The green tinge makes the line blend in when under the water, making sure the fish are less wary. Tommy is an expert with a pole and loves this kit. This will give you loads of hints and tip on how to enjoy yourself when fishing and more importantly — catch more fish!

Just check out Club Korum starter kits. Korum rods are designed to offer affordable quality that meets the expectations of the modern coarse angler. Fishing for UK species is so diverse that providing a comprehensive offering of rods is always going to be a major task, but using the expertise of our angling consultancy team and our existing knowledge of rod 10 actions and finishes, we believe we have the best range available for the UK coarse fisherman.

Our float rods provide an enviable selection and the new Korum Carp Rods are a hugely popular choice, offering dynamic performance without the huge pricetag. From feeder fishing, PVA bagging or simply putting a lead at range, these rods have all the backbone and playing action required to cope with even the biggest of casts and largest of carp.

The understated graphics, abbreviated handle and ergonomic rear grip give the rod a great look, whilst the hard-wearing rod guides and line clip offer great functionality. Carp fish in style with Korum Carp Rods.

Each rod has a short handle for ease and comfort whether you are fishing from a seatbox or a chair. The fine through action is forgiving enough to absorb any sudden lunges at the net, whilst also having enough power to cope with hard fighting larger carp. The two piece set up makes it ideal for storing ready made up, so that you can be fishing in seconds. Suitable for floats up to 8 grams, and lines between 3lb — 8lb.

An ideal all-round float rod. Each rod is fitted with top quality lined guides and reel seat, EVA top grip, an engraved end cap and folding hook keeper ring. The versatile length is ideal for a multitude of different situations. Featuring a crisp through action that offers enjoyable sport with smaller fish, yet powerful enough to subdue larger specimens.

Equally at home on rivers with either stick floats or wagglers. Suitable for floats up to 10 grams, and lines between 3lb — 8lb. Perfect for both lakes and rivers, with wagglers or stick floats.

The crisp, forgiving tip gently transfers power through to the butt when larger species are hooked. This makes a brilliant pellet waggler rod on commercial venues, where casting big floats a long way is often required.

Suitable for floats to 12 grams, and lines between 3lb — 6lb. Supplied with two tips this rod has a through action that is ideal for all commercial fishing situations. The short 10ft length provides increased casting accuracy on the shorter casts often used on commercial fisheries. Suitable for feeders up to 30 grams and lines between 3lb — 8lb.

This means that you can start fishing in just a few seconds. Supplied with two tips, the 11ft Feeder has quite a powerful through action that is ideal for all styles of commercial fishing, as well as being perfect for many river fishing situations. Suitable for feeders up to 45 grams and lines between 3lb — 8lb. Supplied with two tips and constructed from two pieces plus tips means this rod is ideal for leaving ready set up, enabling you to be fishing in seconds.

Suitable for feeders up to 60 grams and lines between 3lb — 8lb. Neoteric rods have won numerous plaudits over the last few years due to their fantastic performance. The latest Neoteric XS range continues on from that success, by offering the perfect combination of performance, reliability and incredible value for money. They are the ideal rods for the modern angler who targets a wide ranging species of fish at a multitude of different venues. The progressive action of the rods and slim blank lend itself perfectly to absorbing the lunges of powerful fish near the net, preventing the hook from pulling at that critical moment.

The cork and duplon handle, coupled with the stylish, subtle graphics make this rod look exceptional on the bank. Spinks Phil Spinks Specimen Angler www. Read on and find out why our range has become so synonymous with performance, quality and durability The Korum reel selection offers a comprehensive range to suit different angling styles and requirements.

Never before has such a powerful drag force been achieved with a rear drag reel and these dependable reels will change the way you think about playing fish off the clutch. The drag can be adjusted easily during the fight and the lightweight body makes them a joy to fish with.

They feature all the hallmark strength of a Korum reel, with the same stunning looks and feel of what is sure to become an iconic product. It combines the usability and functionality of a seatbox with all the comforts of a fishing chair. If you want to improve your fishing, make yourself more organised and kit yourself out with the ultimate fishing station, you cannot beat the Korum Accessory Chairs. Korum Chairs enable you to attach a number of angling accessories directly to the chair legs, which are completely 18 adjustable to suit different bank slopes and swims.

Another great thing about Korum chairs is their compatibility with the Korum Ruckbag. Simply open the straps on the Ruckbag and you can carry the chair and your bag on your back. Perfect for the roving angler, or just the discerning angler who wants to lighten the load. Fits all Korum Chairs past and present. The telescopic tilt and swivel mechanism allows for perfect rod positioning. Korum Accessories are already compatible. Simply balance the butt of the pole under the crook when catapulting out bait, or leave the pole resting on your knee until you strike.

The arm fits directly on to the chair. Complete with locking nut. The Brolly Arm will also accept a standard bankstick. Ultra stable design, supplied with twin butt rests. Extremely useful for rod positioning when using the buzzer bars. Fitted with a wide load area and fitted with our own mud-feet to maximise stability. The extra long handle creates increased leverage making this barrow easier to pull at the correct balance point for minimum fatigue.

The Korum Trolley has been designed to incorporate any of the Korum Accessory Chair range simply by locating the chair on the rear lugs and locking in place creating a larger load area. Whether you use it with or without a Korum Accessory Chair, our trolley takes the hassle out of moving.

Ideal for use with the Korum single wheel barrow. Korum Chairs fit perfectly on the back of the chassis without the need to fold the legs. The front of the deck has been designed to perfectly fit the Ruckbag, giving access to all the pockets and main compartment without the need to unload your barrow.

Find the full range at www. The extra loud, adjustable speaker offers a wide range of control to alert you to a bite, whist the blue super-bright LED features a twenty second flashing alert feature.

For these quick-fire trips, you only need the bare essentials, so I can keep a rod and a few bits and pieces in the boot of the car ready for when the mood takes me. This compact bag will house a Tackle Manager, bait tubs, catapults, floats, controllers and all the other items you might need for a short session. I can leave it in there at all times with a small float reel. It goes together quickly and has a lovely steely action that makes it great for hitting finicky roach and crucian bites, but it has plenty of power in the butt should I be chasing surface cruising carp or even big barbel on the river.

Something I highly recommend for float fishing is a pair of polaroid glasses, and the Korum brown and grey offerings are designed to suit different light conditions. The light brown lenses are better in low light, whilst the grey is better for brighter days.

Do not exceed 40kg load limit. The Korum Accessory Chair has been redesigned to make it lighter, more compact and easier to use. It still features our patented vertical leg design, using 25mm round legs for more stability.

Compatible with new Korum Accessory chairs with round profile legs. Adjustable to suit different banks and swims. This innovative Chair Barrow Kit quickly transforms the Korum Accessory Chair into a sturdy loadcarrying barrow chair, only compatible with 25mm round leg profile Korum Chairs. The chair can be converted in seconds and once setup and loaded, provides an extremely well balanced barrow, making for effortless transportation.

Attaches to Korum Accessory Chairs to keep your tackle and bait organised and close at hand. Fully adjustable angle attachment and a wipe clean surface. This larger side tray means you can have even more tackle to hand when fishing from a Korum Accessory Chair. Comes with a specially moulded table for all your bait and bits, and also a dedicated slot designed to hold the popular angling essential, a thermal flask or drinks bottle.

Designed to fit the majority of chairs. Fit more accessories and enjoy a more elevated seating position. Fits all versions of the Korum Accessory Chairs that take a 25mm round profile leg.

Fits all versions of the Korum Accessory and Lightweight Accessory Chairs with a 19mm square leg profile. A super-strong twin wheel trolley that has been designed to make shifting your gear as easy as possible.

Fitted with a wide load area and fitted with our own mud-feet to maximise stability. The extra long handle creates increased leverage making this barrow easier to pull. Designed to incorporate any of the Accessory Chair range simply by locating the chair on the rear lugs and locking in place creating a larger load area. Enables anglers to use Korum accessories with virtually any chair! Holds the rod butt whether fishing either horizontally or vertically.

The arm fits directly onto an Accessory Chair or seatbox legs. Comes complete with Korum Butt Rest. Holds two rod butts whether fishing either horizontally or vertically.

Comes complete with two Korum Butt Rests. Totally adjustable Butt Rest Arm. Collapsible nylon groundbait bowl complete with lid, mounted on a frame to attach to any Korum chair. New slimmer and lighter design, perfect for the modern coarse angler. Fits directly to an Accessory Chair or seatbox to provide an arm for feeder fishing. Threaded end allows you to add your favourite rod rest. Provides more stability for your brolly than ever before thanks to a dual arm construction. Perfect for accessory chairs and seatboxes.

Soft rubber flexes to suit rods. Perfect for snag fishing. Soft rubber flexes to suit all rods. Flexible rest moulds around your rod. The deep line drop allows the use of free spool systems. Spray bar style rod support perfect used with the Korum Chair Footplate. Makes an ideal support for pole fishing or float and feeder fishing. Super versatile piece of kit that suits a multitude of purposes.

Includes locking nut. Complete with locking nut. The ultimate River Tripod! This super stable bit of kit is made using anti-twist extrusions that provide a totally stable platform for your rods and reels. The frame can be extended during use but packs away neatly via cam locks, making it compact during transit. The front legs can be adjusted to almost any angle and also feature height adjustment via cam lock switches. This completes what we believe to be our best River Tripod yet. The banksticks and buzz bars in this two rod kit are lightweight, durable and feature an understated black finish.

Perfect for use with Korum bite alarms, rod rests and banksticks. The Any Chair Ripple Arm can be used as a butt rest or rod rest and features a threaded insert to add additional accessories to the Ripple Arm. Rippled foam to protect your rod or pole.

With the Fix Angle locking device enabling the bar to be secured at precisely the angle required. No more worrying about pushing your banksticks in!

The Rod Rest Arm is adjustable in length and features an easy-to-use cam lock to secure it in place. The Any Chair system is designed to turn most chairs into a fully modular system by utilising the unique leg block system with inserts. This alarm presentation set contains three alarms and a wireless bite alarm receiver. The KBI alarms are compact, rugged and reliable.

The speaker features adjustable volume, while the LED boasts a 10 second alert feature. Ideal for increasing bite indication when fishing for a multitude of species. For fishing close in or at long distances. Complete with four interchangeable heads. Each model has been tested to destruction in a purpose-designed reel lab! A real step forward in freespool reel design, boasting new S-Stroke technology for perfect line lay, sealed drag system and an anti-friction spool lip for longer and more accurate casting.

Perfect for modern coarse fishing. The Feeder Reel has been purpose built to suit modern styles of feeder fishing. With S-Stroke superior line lay, smooth drag system and precise carbon steel bearings, it has all the perfect features for coping with the rigours of repeated casting and catching fish.

Rodiac Freespool reels are built on high precision gearing that provides a fast-reacting freespool system with a powerful front and rear drag. From feeder fishing, to barbel bagging and even lure fishing, there is a rod for you! This awesome range of 3-Piece Feeder Rods are perfect for all styles of modern feeder fishing. Whether using the Method at short range, or traditional openend tactics at long range, this comprehensive selection of rods perfectly suits all feeder anglers.

Offers a crisp action for improved casting and fish playing performance. Equally at home feeder fishing on stillwaters, rivers and commercials. Rods to trust for years to come. Each rod has a short handle for ease and comfort whether you are fishing from a seatbox or a chair.

The extra length of this remarkable rod provides the best possible line management and float control with stick floats, wagglers and bolo floats. Designed in conjunction with five-time World Champion, Alan Scotthorne Slightly stepped-up versions of the already popular Acolyte Ultra rods Still exceptionally slim! Still amazingly lightweight! Drennan Acolyte Distance Feeder 13ft. With the right technique, distances approaching 90m can be achieved and remarkable accuracy maintained.

Importantly, the design retains all of the essential characterist Super compact rod rest with snag bar style design. The overmoulded section provides a softer rest against your rod. Monster X Landing Net HandlesA superb range of immensely strong landing net handles designed to cope with the demands of commercial water fishing. The 3m Tele Handle provides great performance and ease of use. The lightweight mesh moves freely through the water creating virtually no drag.

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Matrix Aquos Ultra-D 11ft 8in m 90g Feeder Rod – FishingTackle2Go Ltd – Key Features

Korum 3 Piece Feeder Rods at a great low price with free shipping on all orders over £ ; This awesome range of 3-piece feeder rods are perfect for all styles of modern feeder fishing. Whether using the method at short range, or traditional open-end tactics at long range, this comprehensive selection of rods perfectly suits. Compacta, se desface in 3 parti egale pentru un transport lejer. Fecare lanseta vine dotata cu 3 varfuri de putere diferita. Lungime: 12ft – 3,65m. Putere: 90gr. Actiune progresiva, acopera o multitudine de situatii. Lungime transport: 1,m. Greutate: gr. Varfuri: 3 bucati de putere diferita si 3,2mm diametru la : Korum. Korum are a brand who’ve mastered the art of blending the contemporary and traditional, and creating tackle that offers both style and substance. With this range of feeder rods, all featuring cork handles and slim, crisp blanks, they take that ability firmly into the match fishing arena. Crafted to give all round feeder fishing performance, these rods are available in a variety of .