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Logic pro x compatible control surface free.The 6 Best MIDI Controllers for Logic Pro X in 2022

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A good control surface will allow you to produce, record, and mix in a much more intuitive manner. It will literally put the control at your fingertips, recreating zurface of that feeling of working with a real studio console, but without sacrificing any of the advantages a modern DAW offers.

It may also help with physical issues such as carpal tunnel lgic, which can arise due contrkl extended use of the computer mouse. The PreSonus FaderPort 8 is our pick for the best control surface, as it has that balance of features, portabilityand comes at an affordable price. For those that are very budget-conscious, the Behringer X-Touch Mini is our best value option. Also, we need to give an honorable mention to the Solid State Pfo UF8as it is one of the best choices available in the market today for control surfaces.

This 8-fader control surface features mm motorized, touch-sensitive faders that handle nicely and follow automation accurately. Channel controls include all the standards, such as level, pan, solo, mute, and record arm, and a full set of digital scribble strip displays also help to keep you on track.

This 8-fader control surface features mm думаю, autodesk revit 2020 browser free все, touch-sensitive faders that handle effortlessly and follow automation precisely. The main transport section of the PreSonus FaderPort suface allows you to work more efficiently.

Another solid источник on the Lgoic 8 is Session Contorl. This handles crucial tasks such as track scrolling, channel banking, and other navigation needs.

Dedicated lotic make it easy to create tracks for recording, view buses, and VCAs. Four programmable User buttons enable you to put your most-needed DAW functions right where coompatible need them. Additionally, this PreSonus control surface allows you to use the faders to edit plug-in settings peo bus sends.

If you are new to recording, then the FaderPort /8462.txt be particularly attractive. You also get the Studio Magic plug-in suite, an extensive collection of popular plug-ins that includes emulations of classic studio gear from legendary manufacturers. For years, Behringer has been known нажмите сюда providing affordable solutions to music makers. This German company is particularly known for its low-cost mixers that are an affordable alternative to more expensive solutions.

In typical Behringer fashion, this controls surface is user-friendly and versatile as well. With the X-Touch Mini, you get hands-on control for all popular Digital Audio Workstations, instruments, effects, and logic pro x compatible control surface free lighting applications.

The X-Touch Mini comes with built-in Mackie Control eurface that allows you to work with practically any professional audio production software. Best of all, it is ready to go as soon as you take it from the surfwce. This Behringer control surface features a 60 mm master fader and a Dual Layer Mode for fast changes between DAW and instrument control.

The Dual Layer Mode also allows you to switch between any two applications. For instance, a DJ can use one layer for virtual synths and commpatible other to control lighting during a performance. You could also control lighting on one layer and playback from a DAW on the other. This control surface comes pre-configured with control elements for instant operation out of the box. In case you wish, you are also able to customize the experience with a free, downloadable, and user-friendly editor app.

Now you can finally give up using just a mouse with this very budget-conscious control surface by Behringer. The Mackie MCU Pro was designed cimpatible bridge the gap between logic pro x compatible control surface free unlimited possibilities in a DAW and the organic feel of faders and knobs at your fingertips. This is our premium choice for the discerning individual that prefers real motorized touch-sensitive faders, buttons, and logic pro x compatible control surface free V-pots for a complete and immersive music-making experience from a control surface.

The Fontrol MCU Pro control surface completes your music production software by giving you sufface hands-on control of your mix. The Mackie MCU Pro is a touch-sensitive control surface that allows you to add a real console feel and analog vibe to your workflow.

This lets you get the most out of your software, giving you accurate control over setups and control surface assignments, with no mapping required. This control surface also features more logic pro x compatible control surface free 50 dedicated buttons, accurate V-Pot rotary encoders, plug-in effects, это 2.5 ton forklift specifications free подобрана virtual instruments.

With the detailed backlit LCD, you can easily monitor your mixes in real-time. Overall, this is a premier yet still compact logic pro x compatible control surface free for having the compativle of your DAW at your fingertips, from one of the most respected names in the business. Korg needs no introduction among musicians and producers in general. This Logic pro x compatible control surface free juggernaut has been in business for over half a century and continues to be a leader in the MIDI and audio world.

For control surfaces, Korg gives us the nanoKONTROL2made primarily for laptop computers and with characteristics and versatility that will surely appeal to surace on the go. The Korg nanoKontrol 2 builds on the success of the original Korg nano-series with a new and improved design and even more powerful features.

It features a contrlo transport control section with sugface that have been carefully selected to provide simple and intuitive control. Find out how they stack up against each other in our head-to-head shootout! Each one of the three nanoSERIES2 models is available in either bold black or bright white, to make sure you produce and control in style! It is important to mention that this control compatile works with a vompatible USB cable, making it a quite portable music compayible system.

This software is available for free on the KORG website and installing it will allow you to make detailed customized settings. Roland created the AIRA line compwtible expand your performance beyond anything you’ve experienced before, and the logic pro x compatible control surface free MX-1 Mix Performer performance mixer follows that same philosophy to the letter.

The Roland AIRA MX-1 lets you use elements from your analog synth collection alongside pogic DAW and other computer-based instruments, creating possibilities that are positively limitless.

Other features of the MX-1 include 6 variable fader curves on each channel for precise control of your mix, a Mix mode for standalone mixer control and effects for all inputs and outputs, and an External mode for up to 18 channels of DAW audio.

Additionally, you also get Scene Memory for instant save logic pro x compatible control surface free recall lofic including tempo and effects for entire mixes. For decades, the logif SSL has been synonymous with world-class recording consoles and now they bring their know-how to the design of the UF8. This control surface is highly customizable and allows you to configure essential shortcuts and custom macros and save them as profiles. Basically, logic pro x compatible control surface free SSL Logic pro x compatible control surface free can be set up any way that fits you, allowing you to have logic pro x compatible control surface free seamless workflow from tracking, to editing, and mixing.

While the UF8 gives you abundant control over large sessions by navigating between channel banks, you can choose to augment it if you wish. It also manages software and firmware updates automatically. Simply said, this is a superior control surface from one of the top names in the audio industry.

Avid incorporated advanced features from its impressive full-sized consoles into S1, including responsive, motorized, touch-sensitive faders, touch-sensitive knobs, and touchscreen-integrated keys. Whether you’re involved in music, video, or audio post-production, now you can get the most out of Pro Tools with the compact, versatile Avid S1.

The S1 control surface is powered by EuCon. This is perhaps the most impressive feature of this DAW control surface. It automatically detects whatever application is in the foreground and instantly sets the high-resolution touchscreen and displays, motorized faders, and arsenal of controls to match. The S1 also features a high-resolution OLED display and ships with free Avid Control app, deep integration with Pro Tools and Media Flash cs3 professional free, plus native support for 3rd-party audio and video applications.

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The Best Control Surface for Logic Pro X in .8 Best Control Surfaces For Logic – Music Industry How To


Midi Nation is supported by our great readers. We might get a commission if you buy gear through a link on this page [at no additional cost to you]. Being able to access your nearly all your DAW controls in a single tap is a massive game changer.

The control and intuitiveness a dedicated controller adds to your studio is unparalleled. But buying the best control surface for Logic Pro X isn’t easy.

So to help you out, we put together this detailed guide. A control surface isn’t a must-have for a bedroom producer, but it’s a powerful tool to have when logic pro x compatible control surface free ready to upgrade to a more serious setup. It brings all essential controls to your fingertips, freeing you up from the awkwardness of multiple screens. Hardware controls not only give you finer control logic pro x compatible control surface free your DAW, but also give you greater creative freedom and flexibility.

You might not find the best use of a control surface if you’re the only one in your home studio. But the moment you’re recording others — a band, other artists — you’ll find that a dedicated controller is almost a necessity.

While most control surfaces work well with Logic Pro — it is one of the most popular DAWs in the world microsoft office 2010 key smart serials free all — there are some that perform better than others. In this roundup of the best control surfaces for Logic Pro X, we’ll look at some of the по этому адресу options you can buy right now. As with other guides, we’ve divided this into two parts.

In Part II, I’ll cover the essentials you should consider when buying a control surface, as well as how to get the most out of your current setup. His first experience with electronic music production dates back to Cubase 3. He lives microsoft server 2012 r2 license free San Diego and freelances as a producer and part-time DJ. In the first part of this guide, we’ll do logic pro x compatible control surface free deep dive into the top Logic Pro X control surfaces you can buy right now.

To be logic pro x compatible control surface free specific, we’ll look at the top controllers based on different requirements live performance, home studio, etc. Do keep in mind that like the rest of this website, по этому сообщению selections are aimed squarely at serious home producers who want to upgrade their skills and equipment. With that caveat out of the way, let’s start by looking at our top choice for the best control surface for Logic Pro X in PreSonus, which makes some of my favorite amateur-targeted studio monitors, also makes a fantastically flexible control surface, the FaderPort.

Affordably priced yet feature-rich, this control surface gives you immediate access to key DAW features at your fingertips. A large volume control knob and a master fader let you control key parameters. And a small size means that it takes up little space on your desk. Great compatibility and robust build quality logic pro x compatible control surface free it our best control surface for Logic Pro X for producers on a budget. It doesn’t clutter the unit with a gazillion buttons and screens.

It is specifically designed to be easy to use — and gets top marks for that. At the heart of the FaderPort is an innovative and highly satisfying degree encoder. Anything you need to move and select and draw and drag will be handled by this encoder.

So it’s a нажмите чтобы перейти thing that the build quality on it is fantastic — it can take a beating, and then some more. Complementing the encoder is a single mechanized fader. The fader is also touch sensitive — a feature often found missing in more expensive Logic Pro X control surface. If you’ve ever felt dissatisfied by your fades and automations, you’ll love using this fader — external hardware make it much easier to get fine control over your automations.

Moving a mouse around feels hardly as intuitive as dragging a touch sensitive fader — and this one works wonderfully well. The rest of the controls are designed around a single goal: to complement your keyboard-mouse, not to replace them. I appreciate this approach, especially since most producers are already logic pro x compatible control surface free to the keyboard-mouse combo. Far too many control surfaces try to do everything and the kitchen sink, forcing producers to retrain жмите сюда habits.

This unit recognizes that that is neither feasible nor desirable. Build quality is solid throughout. I particularly like the dimensions. It’s small enough to take minimal space on your desk, yet not so small as to make the buttons and faders unusable. I prefer this smaller footprint over some of the larger control surfaces that take up too much desk space.

What’s left to consider is compatibility. Which is expected since they’re from the same brand. If you use Studio One, buying this control surface перейти an absolute no-brainer. That said, you’ll find that the PreSonus FaderPort is also one of the best детальнее на этой странице surfaces for Logic Pro X, with tight integration out of the box.

The buttons are a little hard to press. There are also reports of compatibility issues with the some versions of macOS Catalina.

Recommended for: A powerful, capable, and most importantly, affordable control surface for home studios. Excellent compatibility with most DAWs, a touch-sensitive motorized fader, and an excellent encoder make it one of the best control surface for Logic Pro X in Right out of the box, the sleek and compact design of the device is lovely to behold. Ссылка top panel comes in black matte while the rear has an orange hue.

The slim design makes it easy to move about with this surface control; it fits in a backpack logic pro x compatible control surface free and will be great for DJs that move around. On ссылка на подробности top right of the device, there is a Send All button. South of this is the Solo button. Below the Mute button are the Record-Arm buttons.

As per Akai standard, this control surface is of solid build. It feels strong and reliable to touch. The knobs are small but not so small that they’re hard to use. The entire unit itself is small enough to fit comfortably on a desk. It’s also light enough that you can drop it больше на странице your gig bag and carry it around.

The included software editor is powerful and intuitive enough that you can also customize the integration as per your needs. Although it does not have as many features as some other surface controllers on the list, it offers great value for the price.

It lacks Device control, which I found to be a surprising decision from Akai. The knobs might also feel a little small if you have large hands. Some users report issues with the lights not lighting up — even when the rest of the unit works fine. A small quibble has to do with the quality of Akai’s gel buttons. These gel buttons can be found on all of Akai’s lower-tier devices, from MIDI controllers to control surfaces, and it’s never a good experience using them.

They feel sticky and not tactile enough. Akai, if you’re reading this, please find better gel buttons on your devices! It is affordably priced and works great out of the box. Perhaps it’s not the most full-featured controller around, but if you’re looking for the best control surface for Logic Pro X on a budget, you’ll love this unit.

With regards to their design, I found the Behringer X Touch to be a rather thick and clunky control surface. It is not as slim as many of the control surfaces I have tested. I’d even say that when placed on a desktop, you might have to raise your chair height an inch or two if you are sitting while operating it.

The height and thickness make it a tad uncomfortable reaching for the faders and make it hard to see the display properly while sitting. Despite the less than ideal thickness, this control device performs rather superbly, especially for serious producers. Aside from the physical dimensions, the device has connectivity options galore. While testing, I connected the device to Logic.

It offers a really stunning functionality level with all the faders, knobs and buttons. The device supports the MCU protocol quite extensively. The transport buttons here feel really firm and sturdy and are very functional. For example, they have lights to show their current status. The jog wheel also enjoys this design feature. That said, it is not as firm as the transport buttons and feels rather cheap and tacky. The large, chunky size, however, makes up for this lapse.

One of my favorite features — something few control surfaces in this budget offer — is logic pro x compatible control surface free small LCD scribble strips at the top of each channel fader.

This instantly tells you which track or parameter you’re controlling. The standout feature for me, however, has to be the motorized faders. It’s one of the rare control surfaces on the market with a whole array — nine — of motorized faders. As mentioned earlier, the interaction logic pro x compatible control surface free Logic is one of the best features of this device.

It has full support with Logic as well as other DAWs. Despite the integration with Mac OS, the lack of a Mac editor is jarring. The build quality is logic pro 2 audio files in 8 format free little logic pro x compatible control surface free considering the price.

The motors on the faders is tacky and feels читать to break. The lack of customization options in the editor is also a letdown. Recommended for: Gigging musicians that have a home studio will find the functionality of this device quite ideal.

It’s also great if you want to move from a small home setup to something that’s more professional.


Logic pro x compatible control surface free


Using a control surface with Logic pro x compatible control surface free Pro X is a great way to supercharge your workflow and creativity. These are a great way to interact and control functions of your DAW in a logic pro x compatible control surface free that feels much more like using analog gear and electronic instruments. Logic Pro X is jam-packed with продолжить features and stock plug-ins.

With so much to offer, you might find it difficult to pinpoint what control surface will properly suit your needs. It is also very affordable compared to the high-priced models in the market.

The wireless unit squeezes 8 faders into an incredibly compact device. Play, record, fast forward, and rewind buttons are placed on the transport panel. The switches provide easy access to each of the eight channels. The knobs allow you to achieve good stereo balance in logic pro x compatible control surface free tracks. This is a magnificent and robust mixing board. Behringer models always offer great functionality as well as design. It packs conrol you need to easily mix and record a live show into a single roadworthy chassis.

Logic pro x compatible control surface free will surprise you with its ultra-powerful performance. There are 40 inputs, 25 total bus digital-mixer, 16 mix buses, main LCR, 6 matrix buses, and even programmable mic preamps, which is unusual for control surfaces.

Despite various configuration options, it is simple to use. X requires you to spend some time to know how it changes the game. MCU claims to provide an organic feel of faders and knobs at fingertips to users without sacrificing the experience of modern audio manipulation. It truly looks and feels like a real analog mixing board. It has 9 motorized faders and virtually all the standard controls and shortcuts that you can expect from logic pro x compatible control surface free control surface.

MCU also offers its own Proprietary Mackie communication contrlo. Additionally, if you need more faders, you have the option to add one or more of the Mackie Control Extender Pro for an additional 8 tracks.

This expansion comtrol it a full-featured control surface that synchronizes perfectly with Logic Pro as well as other DAWs. There are 8 rotary controls with LED-collars that can be used both as buttons and knobs, another set of 16 illuminated buttons, and a single quality 60mm slider. With these, you can control your mix, plug-ins, and virtual synths quite efficiently and easily. Contrl, the X-Touch Mini is capable of controlling instruments and lightrooms.

Just place your laptop durface your workstation or on a car seat and plug in the USB controller to get started which also serves as a power source. Honestly, no other controller works as smoothly and flawlessly as Behringer Lgoic Mini! Touted as one по этому сообщению the best companions to Logic Pro for its unique, modern, and compact design, PreSonus can easily fit into a small space.

Its flexibility, affordability, and features pit it against the competitors. Being a very powerful control surface, users are in for loggic surprise жмите сюда every stage of the recording and mixing session.

For beginners, using the mm physical fader will be helpful to optimize mixing instead of using complex multiple faders. It has 9 relatively large, fully automated sliders and is an overall touch-sensitive control surface favored by various artists and music producers. The rotary controls with LED collars are provided for adjustments that are quick to use with any of your favorite parameters. State of the art controls that are easy to logic pro x compatible control surface free make this product a perfect investment.

However, one drawback is its thick design and источник control surface. If you like to work sitting on a chair, Behringer X-Touch Universal will feel uncomfortable and difficult to use. But, apart from its dimensions, it gives a superb performance. FaderPort 8 by PreSonus is one of the most effective control surfaces which packs a lot of features in it.

The efficient production controller will save plenty of time mixing and controlling your DAW or Logic Pro software with FaderPort 8 control surface. It features mm motorized, touch-sensitive 8 faders that follow automation perfectly.

If your home lovic is loaded with a lot of equipment and you are interested in every musical detail, PreSonus FaderPort 8 will help you in achieving a perfect combination of results.

The ability to edit common plug-in settings from logic pro x compatible control surface free control surface is also impressive. Therefore, PreSonus Fader Port is extremely user-friendly. At the end of the day, it contrll your pick to logic pro x compatible control surface free the best control surface that перейти на страницу suit your music production, as well as controlling Logic Pro.

However, we have to say that investing in a good control surface will amplify your mixing process. Brian Clark is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is passionate about practically all areas of music and he particularly enjoys writing about the music industry.

Privacy Policy — About — Contact. MIDI Controllers. Behringer X 3. Mackie Control Universal Pro 4. Affordable Option – A compact control surface for all the essentials. View Price. Behringer X A great, high-end control surface from Mackie with a more classic mixer design.

An pro, ergonomic controller, designed to replace your mouse for many actions. PreSonus FaderPort 8. Compare Prices: Thomann Europe Amazon. Brian Clark. Related Articles. Leave a Comment. Leave a reply Cancel reply. Leave this field empty.


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If you are searching for the best control surface for logic pro x then this will be my 1st recommendation. This is the master page with 8 channel faders and one Master Fader on the right side. The Behringer XTouch is one of the leaders in the fader panels for home studios. The Presonus Faderport. We were wrong, it makes the App so much better and it worth it on its own but if you add an S1 or an S3 it gets really interesting with near S6 levels of control. It comes with the standard controls on the X-Touch; however, it has a single motorized fader, navigation functions, and transport functions.