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By erfmufn , September 30, in Logic Pro. Having had a chance to sit down and go through some resources tonight I finally checked out the Demo content that came with the Logic Studio suite. It uses Ultrabeat so not sure about that. Anyway was wondering if anyone else has seen this stuff and particularly “Shiny Toy Guns” with Le Disko”.. The output is peaking constantly throughout the song and the final mix sounds great. I struggle with this levels concept though in my own work..

I mean its a pretty compressed track anyway but is the adaptive limiter all thats needed? First, there’s no such thing as a “normal” mix.

Mixing is an art, and as such, rules can be your worst enemy. I have very strong opinions about this, and many do not share them, as a few searches on this forum on topics such as “32 bit floating point” will point out.

Meters can be your worst enemy too. They only give you a tiny bit of information, and not always the information you are expecting to get from them. To answer you first question is however very, very easy. How are you supposed to know if your bounce won’t overload? While digital distortion can mean horrible sound if you are trying to get a realistic vocal sound for example, they can mean just the sound you are looking for when distorting an electronic snare drum sound for a dance music track.

If that’s the case, turning down your output to avoid the red could mean losing that edgy sound that was defining your mix. Just like you can’t tell someone: no, your song is not good, you have too many parallel fifths going on – you can’t tell someone: no your mix is not good, you have too many digital overs.

I am always surprised to see so many amateurs on the forums arguing over the “rules” of mixing, and how one should never, ever hit the red, when I personally had the chance to work with many major producers, platinum or award winning professionals, only to discover that most of them really don’t worry that much about what their meters look like, worrying more about what their ears are telling them.

Many, many professional mixes I have seen have the Output hitting the red, and all I can tell you is that before I ever had a chance to open the Logic file, I heard the song on the radio or on CD and thought the mix was amazing. So break the rules and trust your ears.

And if you don’t trust your ears, then train them until you can trust them. They are your absolute best tool for judging the sound of your mix, and they should be the only judge influencing your final decisions. My new Logic Pro Book is out! Apart from Bach I have it on good authority that every time you use a parallel fifth, Bach kills an innocent kitten.

I completely agree about your points on metering and distortion. I used to be fearful of going into the red, until I realised that one of my tracks track as in song, rather than channel strip was permanently over, but sounded lovely.

I tend to notice if it sounds too loud now, as it’s quite fatiguing, like cheap commercial radio station compressors! MacBook Pro 2. Thanks for the reply David, its well written and thought out and naturally the compression debate is a matter of personal taste.

I must be doing something wrong as I’ve definitely had mixes that sound fine in logic on my AKG headphones but after doing a real time bounce to MP3 suddenly the kick is overloading or something.

A lot of my stuff is guitar based so I often try to get that nice, clean , acoustic “brassy” tone from each string but this style of music doesn’t lend itself to the peaking output mixes.. Its been a real learning curve but I don’t think any amount of reading gives you the in-your-face illustration like real sessions though i wish more bands did what reznor does and was really impressed with the demo sessions that came with Logic Studio..

You really need to mix on monitors other than headphones to get a good representation of what you are hearing. Sometimes that true stereo separation from the cans can create problems. Try running your mix through some monitors, or, if you dont have decent monitors yet, even some home speakers or something to hear what it sounds like outside of the phones.

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Posted September 30, What did you guys think of the demos? Cheers d. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Skyflash36 Posted September 30, HI just got my upgrade and I’m looking forward to being part of the Logic Studio community I checked the demos yesterday and I was impressed with the performance on my Macbook CD 2.

I htink my buffer was at not sure Musically speaking I had issues just moving them to the trash and then it wouldn’t let me empty the trash because i wasn’t authorized!!!! I spent a half hour trying to figure it out, then i noticed the little padlock thiny on the Logic song file icon. David Nahmani Posted September 30, Kent Sandvik Posted September 30, I saw in the Plaid project that there was a gain set on the main channel that took down the overall levels a couple of dB.

It’s actually a good trick. I’ve noticed that if I feed the mastering tools with too hot of a signal Ozone, VintageWarmer, Adaptive Limiter , they tend to create too dense material, so giving them more headroom with this simple trick is something I’ve started to do myself now, as well. Posted October 1, Perhaps part of the problem is the headphone mix. MacPro 3.

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When you go to the Help in Logic X. You will see in the pull down Menu, “Logic Pro Demo Project” When you select this he will close/save your. And I think it only proves that Logic Pro X has everything we need to deliver great music. So today I’d like to do a deep, deep dive into the. Logic Pro is a complete professional recording studio on the Mac. Try it now with a free day trial.