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This is step by step instructions on how to install Ubuntu Studio The best part is pfo these tools are free. This is straight forward. Download Ubuntu Studio from here. You can use vmware workstation 12 pro install vmware tools free files instead of direct link because it is fast and also much more flexible.

Since the file size is large, around 2. You can find the downloaded image file in the downloads folder, if you have not changed tolls default settings. The filename would be something like ubuntustudio Lets start the installation process. Open VMware Workstation. If you dont have it installed already, please visit my page. VMware workstation supports tab view, which is, all the virtual machines running or stopped will show up in its own tab until you close them by clicking X on the tab itself.

In software development terms, this is commonly referred to vmware workstation 12 pro install vmware tools free the tabbed interface.

This is where you get a chance to select the way virtual machine vmware workstation 12 pro install vmware tools free be created. Typical is predefined or mostly the defaults.

Custom is where you get to set advanced options such as compatibility with older Virtual Machines, SCSI controller type, etc. We will go with the default options. Select Typical and click Next. Vmware workstation 12 new virtual machine setup wizard screenshot. In this dialog box you have workstaiton enter your Name, Username and Password.

This will your Ubuntu Login credentials. VMware Workstation 12 install узнать больше Server — personalize linux dialog box.

In this dialog box you please specify the name for your virtual machine. It could be anything meaningful. Alternatively you can accept the default. For the location, you can accept the default location or change it to your desired location. Default location is Virtual Machines folder in your Documents folder. A new folder is created in the Virtual Machines folder for each virtual machine you worksgation through VMware workstation.

The name of the folder is the same as the name of the virtual machine you enter here. VMware Workstation name of the Virtual Machine dialog por screenshot. This dialog box asks you to specify the disk capacity. This is the maximum amount of disk space it will utilize once the Virtual Machine is created. You can leave it to the default but if you are running low on disk space, you can reduce it to 20 GB.

Check Split Virtual Disk into multiple files. This is the default option. These Virtual Disks expand according to the usage with a Maximum size you specifed as the instlal capacity.

VMware Workstation specify disk capacity dialog основываясь на этих данных Screenshot. This is the final dialog box and what you see is all the options you have selected in previous dialog boxes. They are the defaults. If you wish to change them, click on Customize Hardware. You can leave them as defaults for now, they can be changed later on also once the Virtual Machine is created.

Please check the box Power on the virtual machine after creation. VMware Workstation ready to create virtual machine hardware settings dialog box screenshot. If you had checked the box — Power on the virtual machine after creation, the VM should restart automatically.

Else you have to virtual machine manually. You can see the option to power on the VM on top left hand side. VMware Workstation Power on Virtual machine dialog box screenshot. After this you will see that the installation process starts.

You will asked to select the multimedia packages to install. By default all are selected. There is no harm in leaving them as it is and accepting wrkstation default.

Click Continue. Ubuntu Studio install multimedia package прощения, microsoft office word 2007 tutorial full bangla free ваша. Please wait till the process completes. After an automatic ссылка you will be asked to enter your username and password to login. Ubuntu Studio installation progress screenshot. Now you will have to enter your username and password to login to Ubuntu.

This is the same username and password you had set earlier. In this version of Ubuntu Studio, VMware tools gets installed automatically. To check the version, open terminal and type the command. You should be able to see the Ubuntu Desktop in Full screen mode automatically.

If you are not able vmware workstation 12 pro install vmware tools free see the Ubuntu Desktop completely in full screen mode even after VMware tools is installed, you need to restart the system. Full screen mode should work now. Vmwage Post: How to Install Xubuntu vmware workstation 12 pro install vmware tools free Underneath a boring IT professional lies a passionate student of computer science. I love computers and this blog is about everyday computer issues that a common man faces.

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Shailesh Jha 0. How to Install Ubuntu Studio Step 2 — Locate the downloaded file You can find the downloaded image file in the downloads folder, if you have not changed the default settings. Vmware Workstation 12 home tab screenshot. Ubuntu Studio login screenshot. Ubuntu Studio vmware tools version number. Latest Posts. How to install Red Hat Linux Enterprise tolos. Vmware workstation 12 pro install vmware tools free Jha. Show windows 8.1 iso file free Comments.

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VMware Workstation 16 Pro is popular software that allows you to run multiple different virtual machines on physical hosts using the concept of Type II of hypervisors Hosted Hypervisors. This tutorial also discusses some common issues during the installation process. First login into your server as a root or non-root user with sudo permissions and run the following command to keep your system up-to-date. After downloading the VMWare Workstation Pro script file, go to the directory which contains the script file and set the appropriate execute permission as shown.

Now run the installer script to install VMWare Workstation Pro on a Linux host system, which will be installed silently, and the installation progress is shown in the terminal. To start the software for the first time you will find some issues as discussed below with fixes. To start the software type vmware in the terminal. It makes some modification in kernel modules and compiling some new tools in just fewer minutes, the application start and home window appears and waits for you to kick start it and make your virtual machines.

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We are thankful for your never ending support. Hello Ravi Saive! The same instructions will also work for VMWare Workstation Also, we have noted your request, allow us some to write and polish the article on same…. Taking advantage. Please download the VMware file again and try.. With all versions What is the problem, thank you very much.

I wonder whether you solve the problem or not in the end, please, because I have the same problem. Check the log for details. You left out one very important detail. This is a huge problem for people with desktop systems which are still functional Intel Core 4 2. This also has a ripple effect for upgrading to newer versions of Linux, Ubuntu C header files matching your running kernel were not found.

Then follow the procedure to update from 12 to I have installed and I can run VMware But network bridging does not work. When i connect VM interface to the bridged vmnet0 always get an error. Have a question or suggestion? Please leave a comment to start the discussion. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated and your email address will NOT be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Submit Article Request Suggest an Update. What is new in VMware Workstation 16 Pro Container and Kubernetes Support — Build, run, pull and push container images using the vctl command-line tool. There are also some other features that you will discover by practice and make hands-on labs. Before you begin this guide, you will need the root account OR non-root user with sudo privileges configured on your system Physical host.

Make sure your system and its kernel are up to date. If you liked this article, then do subscribe to email alerts for Linux tutorials. If you have any questions or doubts? Related Posts. Also, we have noted your request, allow us some to write and polish the article on same… Reply. Thanks, Ravi! Regards Reply. Thank you Reply. Thank you very much, my dear brother, for your response.

In VirtualBox when I choose the file I get an error. With all versions What is the problem, thank you very much Reply. Please help me out Reply. Use this package. Noob, Please install required kernel headers, development tools and ncurses libraries as shown. There is minor issue with Centos What happens when the trial period ends?

How much is a personal license? Hi, This error keep pop up, even I have install successful, please advise, thanks. Hi, I faced the same problem and I solve it by update VMware workstation 12 to You can solve it in 2 ways.. Got something to say?

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FIX: Install VMware Tools option is Grayed Out. (Solved) • Repair Windows™ – Your browser is not supported on VMware Customer Connect.

This article provides steps to install VMware Tools in VMware Player. For more information about VMware Tools, see Overview of VMware Tools. Download VMware Tools. VMware Tools is a set of services and modules that enable several features in VMware products for better management of, and seamless.