Shower RUG

Today we speak of the dish RUG shower Soft-Touch, which is characterized by the non-slip coating and for anti-mold and antibacterial properties, ensuring maximum security and optimal hygiene.

To fully meet the different aesthetic and functional requirements, the plate is easy to install and can be made to measure, to fit harmoniously in the bathroom.

You want some customer reviews?

“The product is made of impeccably, the material is pleasant to the touch, they really did a great job.”

“The era of huge shower trays is definitely over, when companies like this are able to create such beautiful products and practical to use.”

“Every detail is crucial when it comes to interior design. Useless to have the tiles and the most beautiful  coverings, the trendiest furniture, then if all is not harmonious. It ‘very difficult to find the shower trays that are practical and beautiful at the same time, but this product perfectly unites both qualities, of course.”

“Installation is easy, intuitive connection, the rapid discharge of water, hygienic and safe.”

“Glass1989 offers different finishes, with warmer colors.”

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